Monday, November 2, 2015

Book Inspiration

For my book I want to create a modern illuminated manuscript. I admire the old books with the ornate objects and their want to create books that were works of arts.

Im going to focus on a style and and create the 26 letters to fit and add that style to the drop cap. 


Fleet, age 28-  is a " hipster "who has the weekend off and want to relax with each others company.They choose Malibu because it is so easy going and relaxing and tropical and it is also inexpensive.  They listen to music like XXYYXX, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and James Blake.

Focusing more on the beauty of type rather than the essence of relaxation

Robert, age 25- is a young accountant attending a office party. He listens to reggae. He wants to show that he is fun yet still has sophistication which is why he chooses Malibu. The bottle is sleek and sophisticated but the tropical elements are still there.

In this design I am introducing the tropical feel with the palm tree and still using different type 

Dylan, age 21- My next persona is a young man attending college for nursing. She just got through with her finals and wants to celebrate and relax from a stressful week. He chooses Malibu because of the fun bottle and tropical taste. He listens to rap music Future and Drake and likes stop dance.

This design is taking a sexy approach because sex sell and also the idea of relaxation and "easy going" Using the color of the fruit as the pop of color.

Book Project Inspiration