Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Egyptian Goddess

From my " The Gift of the Sun" poster I chose to do my identification project on the daughter of the sun god Ra. Her name is Bast ( Bastet). She has many titles but originally was worshiped as a protection goddess having the head of a lion. Lions in Ancient Egypt were directly associated with protection. She is still a very feminine goddess of fertility, sex, dance music, pleasure, joy, and fire. She is a very sweet goddess but her wrath is feared for her enemies. She is also a  sun goddess and also a moon goddess, being both fierce and sensual very similar to the cat that she is constantly depicted as.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


In this theory class it was a nice refresher of elements that I have already learned but I was able to place them with realistic examples. I think I did pretty well with my identification of tropes etc. I could work on time management but overall I believe I did pretty well in this class.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3 Designs

This image plays on the fact that their are more black men in jail today than in slavery in 1850. And freedom of slavery was given in 1877. This poster discusses the harsh reality that we are in deed not free. The "Freedom" that we were given rather than us being free just like any other person is half assed and unjust because half of our black men are locked up in a box for crimes that they did not commit or given way more time than actually deserved.

  This poster depicts racial profiling and I wanted to capture the tension felt by just simply changing the boy to a black boy the viewer gets a different feel than the original painting.

This is a parody of Roy Lichtenstein work where I took the image of a sad white woman and changed her skin color to multiple colors making a statement that color should not change the way you respond to an image. But it does. The darker the skin the less inclined you are to fell sorry for the woman.