Monday, August 29, 2016

Brand Essence

Problem Statement: There is a lack of jewelry that is tailored to specific people.
Mission: To provide unique jewelry to women that relate to their personlities.
Vision: Women wearing jewelry that fit their personalities and express their beings
Values: Quality, uniqueness
Name: Astro
Key of Product:
Sound Mark:
Audience: Women
Distinctives: Based on the zodiac, able to create pieces that show individuality through a generic system
Comparables: Martha Stewart

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Brand

For my brand I chose to create a brand of Body Oils. I chose this product because we have a problem of not having a lot of body oils that are potent and last all day. This causes old to travel with the consumer and they usually spill in your bag or get last because of its small size.
My mission is to supply body oils that last 12 hours and are made naturally. 
My vision for this product is to take the place of expensive perfume brands because o fits natural properties that are also therapeutic for the body and mind. 

I found competitors, such as Auric Blends which was founded in 1933, and they create oils, soaps, and lotions. They have a small amount of oils, but from personal experience their fragrance lasts a couple of hours and their scents are very one noted. 
Also I found the brand Pour Le Monde, a french natural perfume. They claim to be all natural, but when reading the fine print I discovered that they only have 70% natural ingredients. The perfume is also 80 a pop. 

My oils will be stylish and also affordable and durable. I am incredibly excited to start building this brand and seeing what unfolds. 

Reading Response

I find the reading pretty interesting. I thought the questions were pretty valuable and really made me think about branding. Especially with myself, because I am working on my own brand. What makes me different? What differentiates? It really is hard question to ask and like the article, I also feel that packaging changes the effect on the project as well. Packaging can really effect whether or not a product is chosen.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Finding Brand Identity

When looking at Timberlands website, knowing a little history, I notice the way in which they depict their brand as more of an outdoor shoe, although timberland books have been extremely popular within the african american community.

Problem: How do we provide workbooks to different genres of people?

Mission Statement: Our unique culture and product designs are inspired by the rich New England heritage of our company. Everything we make, every store we open, every aspect of our business has been founded upon the outdoor lifestyle – whether that involves wooded trails or city streets – and a Timberland community that thrives on giving back.

Vision: To provide every home with Timberland books 

Finding a Brands Identity

The first company I researched was Shea moisture. It is a beauty care company who uses natural ingredients in their products. 

Problem: How do I provide for the skin and hair organically? 
Mission Statement: We will create our own natural ingredients and use them to create products to improve and maintain the self. We are natural, organic, sustainably-produced goodness. Made with love for you and your body. 
Vision Statement: The vision is to have natural products that are sulfate free, parabon free, and that are not tested on animals.