Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mini Project II: Color Connotation, Emotion Through Color Exploration

Bright Red 186-
love, heart, valentines, tomatoes, blood, murder, menstrual, emaciated, romance, romantic

Vibrant Orange 1585-
M&M's, candy, sweet, candy corn, bright, vitamin c, heavy

Bright Yellow 116-
Obnoxious, bright, loud, mellow, sunflowers, rays, sun, ambiance, regal, majestic, warm, hot, earth, life

Earth Brown 438-
Groggy, dark, muddy, clouded, murky, disgust, skirmish, uncomfortable

Deep Blue 2747-
 Velvet smooth, extravagant, calm, relaxed, jeans, vintage, intense, space, galaxies, wonder

Chartreuse Green 584-
Light, irrelevant, vomit, pastel, frolic, maleficent, wicked

Blue Purple 267-
Vivid, loud, regal, extravagant, extra, money, power, trade,

Charcoal Grey 425-
bland, shadows, creepy, creep, clouds, rain, storm, trouble, panic,frantic, threatening

pure, purity, contradiction, false, privileged, preferred, clean, ordinary, average, spacious, vacant, cold, empty

power, powerful, nappy, common, dark, struggle, darkness, evil, mourn, grief, depression, celebration, panther, revolt, guns

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 1: Why I Chose Graphic Design

          My decision to enter graphic design was a difficult one. Throughout my freshman year I wanted to go into painting, printmaking, or fibers. Through my internships with students in the painting department and the fibers department I got a very close look at each department and realized that their programs were not for me and they also would not give me the challenge that I need to fully reach my potential as a visual artist. What was left was printmaking. Although I love printmaking, I wanted to go into a department that could provide more. A department that would prepare me for my career goal; to become a creative art director for a fashion or a fashion company. I believe that this is the best department for what I want to do and it will help me to reach my dream of working for Vogue in Paris. I am completely excited about this journey that I am taking in life an d excited to combine my printmaking techniques with the new design skills to create beautiful garments and really expand my talents as an artist.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Originally for every text option I chose Verdana because its a font I am familiar with, however, the colors for my fonts varies. Then with further investigation of the fonts, I decided that I liked the curvature of certain fonts. With that I wanted to make the curves in the words enhance my other fonts or just simply correlate with each other. With my colors I knew that if this were my blog you should get a sense of my personality so I decided to make my favorite color yellow the color of highlighted text. For example the blog title and certain text are yellow. And because yellow is already so bright I chose grey and black as the other text colors.

Page Text- Arial - Black 14 px
Blog Title- IM Fell DW Pica SC Golden Yellow 42 px
Tabs text- Trebuchet 12px black
Post Title- IM Fell DW Pica 22px
Gadgets- Trebuchet 12px Grey and Black