Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reserach Topics

I had a hard time finding a topic but my love of food came into play.
Hand lettering is making a comeback and has been replacing the new modernism approach of the machine and perfect letters but hand lettering gives you more ways of expression and not just  cold machine design. Although most typefaces are created by hand, the computer gives it a cold design rather than hand lettering that gives the type a unique feel and the same word can tell a different story.
The use of food to create type is a new crave that has hit the internet and a creative way to advertise those food and product brands.
Artist like Becca Clason and Casey Ligon are leading the way in hand lettering with food.
My thoughts for the poster is to show the uses for hand lettering with food and how it can push your design. Hand lettering and just writing is a dying form. We no longer write in a calendar but yet put i in our phones. I think that adding spice to hand lettering can change the way one might feel about hand lettering.

Frank Armstrong Hearing Type Review

I think this article is very interesting in the way it gives me a new outlook on typography. Music is something I am extremely connected with and type not so much, but this article gives a unique combination of the two giving type rhythm and climax. Giving type highs and lows. i knew about hierarchy but I never thought of it as a hook or the main verse of a song. The height of the song. I also like the idea that type has rhythm such as a poem. O love poetry and the rhythm you use when reciting the poem makes or breaks the poem. The way yo read a poem gives it life and can change the way yu interpret that poem which creates noise. This article really brought movement and the thought of it in full circle for me in a way that I truly understand. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Website Documentation

My website needs some work. I enjoyed using Muse but more planning was needed with my site. It was difficult coming up with a site with none organized information


Monday, May 11, 2015

Communication Models

THe link to our video is

This group project was fun we all add different strong points that really enhanced project 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Magazine final

 I wanted to create a modern twist with this magazine. Using my identities from Kidwells project. I really like the magazine. My final spread is clean which I enjoy I also like the new size. I made it larger rather than the smaller format.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Magazine Spreads

Ive come to really like my spreads. In experimentation Ive discovered the process of layering with vellum paper so my final design will be slightly different with more layers. But The magaziine was fun and I really enjoyed the almost printmaking element I wanted to create.