Friday, January 30, 2015

type in motion Inspiration

02 Exercise

These images inspire me and are in the long run ways I want to work. They are magazine spreads and album covers that combine illustration and design.

Project 1: Train, Train (Planning)

The route I want to use it from Chicago to New Orleans. With Amtrak The Spirit of New Orleans.
For this piece I want to give the experience of New Orleans focusing on the jazz which is a big part of New Orleans culture, but also jazz is a major part of Chicago which how I will combine the two.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ideas for Quotes/ Inspiration

" Color is like features, follow the changes of emotions. " Pablo Picasso

" The details are not in the details. They make the design. " Charles Eames

" Color does not add a pleasant quality to design- it reinforces it" Pierre Barnard

"Nothing is Impossible"- The Doorknob

"Rich colors are typical of a rich nature"- NanDay Truex

" Where I come from getting visual is habitual" GZA

"Color is but a sensation..." Nicholas Ogden

"Color is the soul of nature and the entire cosmos" - Rudolph Auren

01 Exercise - City Safari

Exercise 02 - Definitions

Semiotics- Semiotics are the science of signs

Syntax- Syntax is the structure of language. It is the arrangement of words and phrases which helps with the context

Semantics- Semantics act as a signifer a reference

Sign- A sign is a reference to an object

Signifer- a signs physical form

Icon- a representation

index- an indicator

Symbol- learned representation

Code- a way to understand information

Digital code- Digital codes are paradigms where each unit of a set are clearly different from each other.

Analog code- An open model or set (paradigm) with unlimited choices, with unclear divisions between units.

Denotation- the definition of the word

Connotation- cultural or personal definition to a word or image

Polysemy- man signs

Syntagym- collection of signs organized into a linear sequence

Paradigm-  a set of items that form mutually exclusive choices

Myths- a combination of paradigms and syntagms that make up an oft-told story with elaborate Cultural associations

Ideology- codes that reinforce or are congruent with structures of power. Ideology works largely by creating forms of "common sense," of the taken-for-granted in everyday life