Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Editing and Reflection for Book Covers

Editing my designs. Ive added watercolour to them to make them more as a series. I have alot of work ahead  of me but I am  excited about it.

Final Prints

Final Product for our Prints

Team Planning for Metaphor

3D Words Type Metaphor

Metaphors retouched and redone

Reflection on 3d words

Hev and I are taking an Egyptian class and being highly influenced by it we decided to base our words on the class. We chose the words, Ka, Ba, and Akh. Ka means the soul and the Egyptians believed that once you died your Ka goes into the after life and they even built temples and pyramids and on these walls they placed painting and reliefs as information for the Ka to have before it goes into the after life. The Ba is the body and that is what dies. The Akh is your mind and consciousness. I think these are really strong words and contain heavy meaning and tradition. With our images we wanted to have a natural effect and with shooting we found and Egyptian bench which was a gift from Ra the Sun God. We also wanted the images to express the word in it. So for Ka we wanted an effet as if the soul was leaving the body. And for Akh we wanted to have it on a path because the mind is a long path of information built up of impressions that we generate from the world around us. All in all this project was very fun for me because I got a chance to incorporate what I am learning iin my other classes and also my ancient culture.